Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Project: Sir Thomas Gresham

My latest project is for a fellow cast member who is playing a new character this year and has enlisted my services to make the clothes for the part.

Here are the initial sketches I did for the design
 Stylistically I like the second sketch better but we decided to go with a hat more akin to the first and as of yet the look will not include a cape.

The way this character will be played was described to me as a wheelin' dealin' merchant/financier with a hint of used-car salesman. I wanted to translate this subtly through what he wears. The overall effect of colors is grey-- unassuming, seemingly all business-- with punches of power/blood red which hints at an underlying won't-be-said-no-to determination.
Here are fabrics, again with apologies for photo/color quality:

I started working on the panes for the slops ( I don't know why but I like starting with the panes).
That's the current state they're in as I was prevented from further work by lack of machine. So I had started the hat and ended up working on that and finishing it today.

It's so hard to see the detail in these pictures. The color is not as dark as the photo and the fabric is this really neat ribbed silverish grey silk. I want a couple long ostrich feathers in there as well, but nothing too over-the-top. 

That's what I have so far. I'll be flying for 2 days so I'll pick up work again on Tuesday and hopefully have another update for you by the 11th. 

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