Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sir Robert Sidney

The next project on the trail from past to present is my brother who now portrays Sir Robert Sidney at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. There were some definite snags in this project as it had actually been started about 4 years previous with the acquiring of fabric and design and cutting of pieces for the doublet based on a unmocked-up pattern by my brother and mother. Then I started earning my degree in Theatre, emphasis on costuming, and they said "Oh good! Now you can make it!" and it got put aside for a few years while my brother's body grew and changed as one will in 4 years. On top of that we had to make it approvable for the Guilde of St. George standards So. we began the process of redesign and re-fitting (what a headache!) in January of 2010. With some taste and skills I didn't have 4 years ago, we managed to pull it off.

photo by Vicki Callahan

Unfortunately I don't have many good photos of him by himself as he played attendant to the Earl of Leicester (center). The doublet main and panes are a blue and black cotton/poly blend upholstery weight with copper metallic threads in the pattern as well. Doublet upper is black leather with couched cord and beaded. Trim around skirting pieces and every other pane is folded leather and copper flat trim as a constructed piping. The cape is blue velvet lined with black silk, with trimming in copper filk (faux silk) and black trim overlaid.
photo by Vicki Callahan

                    photo by Ivan Phillips

photo by Denise Prohaska

The sleeves are black silk, with black cotton lining. The detailing is of the Sidney feon, the family symbol made of cut leather handstitched to copper filk which was then satin stitched and appliqued to the sleeve.

I also made the hat as a stylized flat cap using blue and black silk, with copper trimming.

One of my new projects on the table is new doublet and slops for him so we can get him dressed properly with better fabric and fit so keep your eyes peeled for that project in the works!

Again, thanks for reading! Next up, the infamous "Grey-clyffe" dress made for my character Mistress Mary Radclyffe for the 2010 season...

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