Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Can't Stay Away Forever

...From the blog OR the 'Bethan work.

I didn't get around to much more Regency work but I was drawn back to my Elizabethan projects sooner than I expected.

In January I found out a new Bristol St. George cast member was cast as Mary Radclyffe so any visits I made would obviously not be as Radclyffe. I was surprised and a little sad, having put so much of myself into my Radclyffe, but I embraced the change as an opportunity for new growth. My "Grey-clyffe" dress had by now seen almost 4 years of use and was beginning to tell. She cameoed as other characters at other faires, but she would always be Bristol Radclyffe to me so kicked my butt into gear to finish a dress I started years ago.

Goodbye, Grey-clyffe!
photo by Duchess W Cortland-Canon

Unfortunately I was still in an I-don't-want-to-do-this-all-again mood regarding sewing and faire costuming so I was rather hermit-like about the process. I took very few photos, consulted no one, and obviously didn't post any blog updates. I also gave myself the smallest window for construction I ever risked. Work on it in earnest didn't begin until February and my goal was opening weekend for RPF ( April 5th&6th. 

I mention I had started this dress but all that had been done was the seaming of the skirt panels and laying the silk piping/silk velvet trim on the skirt. At some point I also put the pearls on the trim. So maybe about 10 hours worth of work had been done. Otherwise I put together Overskirt, Bodice, Underskirt with embroidered/beaded forepart section, sleeves, Attifet, new chemise, Ruff partlet, and wrist ruffs all in about 2 months. 

Enough talking about it. Here it is! 

As Douglas Howard, Baroness Sheffield at RPF
(with Sarah Dufresne as Bess Throckmorton and Clayton Hamburg as Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester)
photo by Ken Leonard

As Mary Radclyffe for the day at WMRF 
(with Christopher Forest as Edward deVere, Earl of Oxford -suit by myself)
photo by Richard Doyle

As Penelope Devereaux, Baroness Rich at BRF
photo by Nicole Dh

Feel free to shoot me any questions about details or construction as I neglected documenting the process. 

Now that I'm back up and posting I should be following up with more soon. I PROMISE! 

Special thanks to the following:
Terri Casey- for welcoming me as always with your great cast at RPF
Marybeth Townsend- for making me feel loved and never-forgotton
Victoria Dzenis- for welcoming me to your cast at WMRF for a fun-filled day
Christopher Forest- for your assistance, input, inspiration, your large table; letting me bully you; and for looking great in my work