Friday, April 27, 2012

Camera Issues Resolved!

I don't have anything new to show, but I have figured out a solution to my camera issues. Ok, well, the nice guy at Best Buy figured out a solution.. So here's the story.

One night I'm trying to upload pictures from my Nikon Coolpics. I find the cord and attempt to plug it into the camera. It doesn't quite go all the way in at first and, in a sad moment for evolution, instead of checking that I have the correct cord I just go ahead and shove it further in. Of course I decide after that to check the cord, and sure enough, it's the cord for my phone. I have now successfully bent stuff where the cord should plug in. After vainly plugging in the correct cord over and over again, I have to admit defeat as the camera proceeds to die from lack of charge-ability. This all occurs just before my big move out west and that is why only now do I attempt to find a fix.

Now we come to best buy so I can compare the plug-in site to a new camera and verify that my camera is indeed fugged up. So I ask the nice guy there if he thinks it would be an easy fix. He also verifies that the techy stuff in the little hole does look bent and suggests I could try to use a small screwdriver and bend it back, but it may have more unseen damage. He also points out that sending it in to get fixed would cost about $100 so I'd be better off buying a new camera. I say ok, great! NOT! At my look of despair he gets a brief thinking look on his face and tells me that I can solve the charging part by getting a separate battery charger (which my parents have a spare of so they gave it to me) and I can still get the pictures off of the camera by getting a memory card to usb reader for about $10! I did so and WOOT! It works. I also attempt to bend the stuff back into place but I have to wait to get back home to try plugging it in like normal. In the meantime, I will for sure be able to provide better pictures, and I may try to get new better photos of the things I've posted recently.

I'll get around to that but just to celebrate the return of the camera, here's one of my favorite photos I rescued from pre-bad-decision-induced-damage-era.
That's right! The happiest place on earth: Lambeau Field!

Ok, that's all I've got for now. Look out for better pictures coming soon!

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