Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Update

Oh my! Where has the time gone?!

Apparently I haven't updated the blog since February! Life has certainly been busy but I will attempt to get the blog caught up.

Here are some highlights:

The Oxford look got its chance to shine at the Janesville Renaissance Faire in May of this year. Some friends assisted in giving advice on how to act more masculinely and I had many doubletakes from folks I knew from Bristol. I'm still a long way from passing but it was a lot of fun just to see people scratch their heads.

My brother's second Sidney look was finished and turned out very nicely I think. I don't have many more pictures of its construction but here's the finished product:
photo by William Dezoma
photo by Patty Smith

I also made doublet, cape, and sleeves for our Guildemaster's new look this year. Slops, and cape beading/jeweling were executed by fellow guilde-members.
photo by Freestyle Imagery

photo by Duchess W. Cortland-Canon

And in another adventure this summer, I had to have some minor surgery which made corsetting a nightmare. I couldn't bind up my chest as tightly as I need to for a corset/bodice look so I created a doublet bodice for my grey dress that was loose enough to wear comfortably but structured enough to maintain a proper silhouette.
photo by Kim Cleveland
photo by Ivan Phillips

 Just to compare to the first half of the summer where I wore the dress with the original English-cut bodice and puff sleeves with an open ruff:
photo by Emily Kirchen
I have several new projects underway including a new dress, fabric for another new dress, a first-set of men's court-wear for a special someone, and various fabric for other small projects. 

So sorry about the long absence! I hope to get back to more regular updates as we settle back into fall and winter. Thanks for tuning in!