Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finished sleeves!

I did in fact finish the sleeves the following day! I've just been a bit busy to update.

Here they are!
(I still have to add ties to the top to tie into the doublet.)

Suuuper close up...


The doublet is the last piece to finish then there are closures and point ties and other little details before it's all done but it's just a few days work away.

On another front I've got a commission for a lady's gown for Bristol coming up as well so look for that project coming soon!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hat done! Sleeves started!

I've changed my mind about how I wanted to do this hat a million times. I do love that striped fabric I found but it wasn't quite jiving with the other ideas I had for the hat. It took me a few times mucking around with it in a variety of frustrating ways to get to that point. Life and work and other distractions were chewing into my spare time and progress had slowed as I experienced a general sew-er's block. Now I have a  cold and a few days off and nothing else to do except sew. 

So I got the hat done!

So remember how I was doing this?:

Well I did more of it and used it to trim the brim as well as make the band.

 I LOVE this velvet and found some perfect "montana blue" navettes to spruce up the band
 (also the hat isn't that big, my styro head is just really small)

Then I started trimming and putting together the sleeves...

This seems to be a recurring image, this time w/ a bronzish brown cord on the light blue silk...

Then a bit of gold trim to make a 'cuff' look.

and a bit of the bronze on top of that to finish off that look

This is where I left them for the night.

Got a lot done today and it feels good. Maybe tomorrow I can get the sleeves done...