Friday, November 14, 2014


As I should've expected, the train of great progress got a bit derailed.

Everything was going according to plan but then a part of the plan (i.e. the method of appliquéing some leather on some silk) didn't give me the look I wanted and I couldn't find a alternative method right away so I threw my hands up disgusted and decided to come back to it another day.

And then before that 'another day' came I found out I had to find a new apartment/roommate and move soon. So now I'm messed up in packing and moving which is going to prevent any more progress until December.

...for which I'm very sorry to you, my followers, because I'm already giving you just slivers of updates. SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!

And if you're new to finding or hearing about this blog, welcome! If you found this because your director shared a link about a dress for sale, that dress is still available! Please email me for details at

So thanks for checking in, and I'll do my best to get back on the wagon and updating once I'm settled into my new place!

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