Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The beginnings...past projects

So, why this blog? For myself really, so I can track my projects and show others what I'm working on. Who knows what else it could become, but for the time being here are some things I've made that I wish I had documented in this way....
Here is the first dress for portraying Mistress Mary Radclyffe at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI. The bodice and skirt were harvested from the first dress I ever attempted to make. The fabric is a poly/cotton blend upholstery weight in a rust red with gold and green details. The trim is a green rayon velveteen with black twist cord. The detail at the shoulder treatment and across the top of the bodice is handcut appliques of the pattern in the dress material, satin edge stitched and beaded with tiny black seed beads. There is also hand done embroidery outlining the pattern in strips down the skirt. Forepart and sleeves are a green washed dupioni silk with black velvet and chinese gimp trims. The headpiece is a stylized version of an attifet also using the green silk and black trim.

The bodice is a split style inspired by this portrait of Helena von Snakenborg
This project was begun in the fall of 2008 with many hours of embroidery and was completed by July 2009.

Here's a snapshot of my family many years ago with the first dress I ever attempted to make using the red fabric.

So there's where it began. Thanks for reading, any comments or questions you know where to leave them! Next up will be my brother's outfit for portraying Sir Robert Sidney, also at Bristol!


  1. OMG Kat! I am soooooo jealous of your patience and attention to the details. I can sew, but I would go stark raving mad if I attempted to embroider or applique or bead anything! You are brilliantly talented and I would LOVE to have a "costume" made by you.

  2. Thank you! In all honesty the details drive me mad too but it's what makes it so compelling and so rewarding! And somehow every project I seem to find some even more complicated and detailed thing to be meticulous about...just wait til you see what I'm working on next...