Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just a Doublet Away!

So for some reason I've come to leave the doublet for last. I'm reluctant to say this is because I'm intimidated by it but it's probably true. Let me explain. No, a doublet would not usually give me pause but this outfit is for someone roughly 6 states away and although I have a full set of measurements, time and opportunity does not afford a proper fitting/ mock up before the outfit is needed. This is the first time I've attempted to make something that is, by nature, entirely dependent on precise fit without being able to ensure a precise fit via the usual avenues (see mock up/fittings).  And to conclude, the doublet is the least forgiving, in my opinion, of a poor fit and so makes me nervous.

That's why this is where I'm at:

That's right.
Hat - done, minus feather affixing
Slops -done, minus closures
Sleeves - done, minus ties at armscye
Chemise - done
Doublet - you haven't been reading, have you...

And the ever popular 3/4 view:

And remember those little red edged tabbies?

There they are! 

Simple shaped two piece sleeves, with just a hint of decoration. With the stripys on the slop panes, and the stripys that will be the doublet, I wanted the sleeves to be very simple, to give the eye a rest,  with just a hint of red which will bring out the bit of red... that you'll soon see in the doublet! 

Most of the last bits were done while watching episodes of Bones, but yesterday I discovered Bilgemunky Radio. Yes, that is an online radio/ podcast that is completely all PIRATE MUSIC! Now, I have pirate ancestors, but I know most of you are rennies as well and so are partial to the pirate scene. So if you feel like a bit of scallywag mood music, go check it out. Sometimes you just have to shake up the usual routine!

Thanks for checking in! 

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