Friday, May 31, 2013

The REAL last post of May!

I didn't get quite as much done today as I could've and therefor don't feel justified titling it "Holy Crap! It's Almost Done!" even though it is, in fact, almost done. In relative terms.

I lined and turned the bodice today. Hateful part of the process and yet most gratifying to complete. The pointy corners are like wrestling crocodiles to turn sometimes.
I mean, look at that. That just LOOKS a mess.
And the physics of that placket did not help, despite their being quite awesomely effective.

evil little corners

I also did a bit of topstitching buried in the trim along the neckline to sharpen and secure the edges. The armholes are prepped for binding, which will get done this weekend maybe. I did get the lining secured, by hand, along the waistline.

Looking pretty good, dontcha think?
(also, the way the fabric is bending w/ the weight of the sleeve pinned to it, it totally looks like the left side of skirting is way longer than the right. But it's not. I promise.)

Now that truly will be the last post of May. The armholes, grommeting, and some nit-picky finishing details and the bodice will be DONE-ZO! The skirt just needs a waistband, to be sewn TO that waistband, and a hem and it too will be donesauce. I guess that is almost-done. Fine. HOLY CRAP IT'S ALMOST DONE!

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  1. Looks great. Glad you are almost finished.