Friday, May 24, 2013



The silk and patterns I was waiting for have arrived and thanks to being sick I had a couple extra days home to crank out some progress. I'm not exactly at a stopping point but I've been at it all day and need to tend to other things for the evening so I'm using these few moments to celebrate the progress!

Waiting for the silk and patterns I tried to do everything possible without them so I cut the skirt panels and prepped them for cartridge pleating (I'll be doing the hem from the bottom this time). Once all the trimming is done on the overskirt I just have to yank the threads and BOOM! PLEATED!

The pattern arrived first. One of my friends and fellow costumers is making the new corset for this Miss and was wonderful enough to send a sloper (bodice) pattern and the corset pattern so I can draft my bodice pattern from those. So I did exactly that and got the bodice cut out and ready to be trimmed.

THEN the silk arrived! It was on the cutting table within minutes.
 The silk's primary purpose is as piping so it was subsequently marked, cut, pieced end to end, and piped.
Who's a pretty piping? That's right! YOU ARE! (That's what I said to it)

Then it was on to making the crazy S curve details on the skirt...
Used a tracing wheel to go over the stencil on the right side of the velvet (the impression from the wheel was enough to mark it before going over the outline with a light line of chalk)

Six of those on each side
 Then laying the piping down on the right side...
Then flip it welt-style with the gunmetal silk behind it...
 And stitch-in-the-ditch!
 The curveys by themselves looked too plain so lord help me I pulled out the trim...
This was too boring /snoooooze
 This was better but just a bit too much silver (a nice dark silver though)
Then it all came together. Well it's not all together yet but first we did some of this...
 Let's all say it together... "sOOOOOOOutache!"
 mmm yeah that's a good start... (that's all I have done so far)
 But this is what WILL be happening to it next...
*just* enough silver and layerage.

Here's a peeksie of what the skirt intersection is gonna look like...
 Ok. This is all starting to feel muuuuuuch better. Time for a weekend.

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