Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My God! It Looks Like A Dress!

Today's unexpected day-off status proved vitally useful! At this point all components are detailed and completed and have only to be combined and finished.

The skirt trimming has been finished:

The bodice got it's own S-curve treatment:

And trimming and flat-lining...

This placketeroo got made

And cable-tie reinforced. God I love those things.
 And lightly trimmed.

Epaulette's got hemmed and hawed over then finally came together in a round about sort of way.

And of course they got trimmed too. (When in doubt, more trim)


Fancy-ass studs echoing the skirt and bodice detailing...

Epaulettes and skirting pieces all done...

And this is me laying out all the pieces to approximate what the soon-to-be-finsished product will look like...

I've begun preparatory work to flip the bodice out with the lining, which is always kind of a pain when I've improvised crap like that placketeroo thing. That will be the next step and this thing will be finished before we know it.

Last post in May. June here we come... BAPA and rehearsals will be underway this weekend for my friends at Bristol. I'm definitely missing those days, despite being busy and happy out here. Part of me will definitely be with you in spirit during these exciting days of creation, inspiration, collusion, and anticipation, my friends!

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  1. That is so pretty it makes me wanna cry. You are so talented Kat! Just never stop. :)