Thursday, May 16, 2013

Freaking Out, Small Victories, and Multitasking

Freaking OUT because we're somewhere around 50 days away from Bristol Opening Weekend and there's a whole lot of Sidney to be made. Fabric and pattern acquisition is proving a little challenging so I'm a little stuck until I get those items.
The forepart and sleeves are done and awaiting ties which are being turned and pointed on my layovers.

The small victories include the fact that the leather was not as difficult to work with as it could've been. I also experimented a bit with how to execute the S-curve details on the bodice and overskirt. Which until this point I wasn't sure weather it would be appliqu├ęd trim bits or what.

I ended up being inspired in part by welt pocket construction, of all things, and I'm really happy with what I've come up with and the other small victory is that it will work and will not cause me to tear my hair out attempting. It's simple, deceptively straight-forward, and won't take *too* long to do.

I've made a little S curve stencil, can chalk-trace it onto the velvet, I take two pieces of yellow piping and sew them just outside the lines on the right side of the fabric, slit the velvet to the end of the piping pieces, turn the piping lip under, tuck the ends under, ditch-stitch along the piping securing to the grey silk under fabric, and cap each tip of the curve with a little dark silver nailhead stud.

And while I'm at a hold on the Sidney dress I'm bouncing back to work on the Dutch merchant coat. I've now got all the trim pieces sewn on and trimmed with gold cord and lace. soooo much gold cord and lace.

I'm a collar and lining away from this one being done.

That's the status as of now!

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