Thursday, June 7, 2012

Presenting Sir Thomas Gresham!


Officially done with this project. Was lucky to get a fitting done last week and had a good deal of things to redo before I could finish, including remaking the hat and the sleeves to be bigger. Yuck! But it's done at last. Here ya go!
The whole kit & caboodle!

The slops


The buttons

 The collar

3/4 view

The bigger, slightly redesigned sleeves

 The tie-ins

 The bigger hat

I would say stick a fork in it it's done, but it's more like this: 
"Throw a Gingher in the floor, it's done!"
(That was an accident...)


  1. Outfit looks fantastic! When this Spaniard needs a new one, I'm coming to you darlin'!

  2. Gorgeous! I love the doublet in particular--the stripes really play with perception, drawing the eye inward even as the sleeve caps and skirting are drawing the eye out.