Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Final Stages: Gresham Doublet

Got a few days to get back to working on Gresham, which will need to be completed, delivered, and inspected within the month.

So I've been working on the skirting:

And the collar:

And just when I thought I was ready to throw it all together.. OOPS! Forgot about the epaulettes! So I did those too.

So it's not actually all together yet but here's what it's sort of looking like:

High Ho High Ho! Off to sleep I go!


  1. That fabric really does pop doesn't it!

  2. Goooorgeous. I love this. Can I have it? I'll trade you...let's see, a little orange and white kitty (not mine) and a couple of yards of black lace (mine). ;}