Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gresham: Alterations edition

Wow. So going by the feedback, I should make more sexy elf stuff! Unfortunately I don't have any more such projects on the docket for now.

After delivering the Gresham suit via proxy, I got a final fitting via proxy and had to do some small fit fixes.

Had to cut the neckline a little deeper in the back and take the shoulder seam in a tad at the neck.
Have to take the piping off, open up and resew the shoulder seams, restitch the piping on the shoulders, cut down the neck, resew the collar on, restitch the piping, and restitch the collar lining closed.

Had to take in the doublet at those side-back curve seams by a couple inches at the top tapering down to the original waistline.
Again, must peel off the piping and redo the seams, redo the same seams on the lining, restore the armhole that got a little mucked up from that, and restitch the piping.

Replaced and repositioned the store-bought grosgrain lacing ribbon with more stable grommeted lacing strips (this is to help get the fitted well supported look of the garment as well as aid in ease of buttoning.).

Had to shorten the doublet in the back tapering around to the front.
Remove the piping, take off the skirting pieces in the affected zones, cut down the back tapering the new line around to the front, replace the skirting pieces, restitch the piping down, trim down and restore the lining.

To ensure everything fits and sits where it should I'm adding points at the waist for the slops to tie into the doublet.
Cut silk strips, sew, turn, press

Finish ends and decorate with little ends. Punch grommets into waistband of slops and along corresponding points on doublet (have to put slops and doublet on client to mark appropriate spots first).

Hopefully the next Gresham pics I put up are action shots! Opening weekend is just over a week away!

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  1. The Sidney RogueJune 28, 2012 at 5:26 AM

    O.O It looks like a horror movie!