Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trimming the Earl

Very productive night tonight! Official first blood drawn on the project. Sweat is a given but hopefully the tears part will only be tears of happiness upon its completion. Since I got all the panes cut and put together last night I was able to slap the edge trimming on those first thing.
Before Trim:
 After Trim^v
After that I took to the doublet. I had the black and gold striped fabric cut the other day so I cut some canvas for an interlining and flatlined one layer to the black. That gave the fabric enough weight to then lay the trim down without the trim making the fabric pucker or stretch. There will actually be two layers of trim but I only tackled the first layer tonight.

Tomorrow I think I'll put down the next layer which will be the gold cord (used on the panes and piccadils) down the center of that ribbon. Somewhat like so:
Too much gold??? Naaaahhhh....

I'm really getting excited! It's coming together much quicker than I anticipated. There's still lots and lots to do and very very far to go yet but I'm pleasantly surprised thus far. Pleasantly surprised indeed.

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  1. My stars. That is just gorgeous work, Kat.