Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Collar, Cape and more!

Quite a bit more done!
With the exception of several more buttons to buy (have to hit all the Joann's in a 100 mile radius to find them all...) and sew on, the doublet is done. Did a fun chevron job on the collar and bound the armholes.

Moving on next to the cape... I picked up the velvet and a couple more trims for it and got all the trim down tonight.

 The cape is a little over 180 degrees. 240 to be exact, with layered trim radials and cord fringe along the bottom edge. At the end of each radial there will be some sort of filigree or rosette... we'll see what I can find...

Well I can't believe Christmas is next week already! Not sure when I'll get to working on it more before then but we'll see what we can manage... So excited for how it's looking so far!

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  1. What size are the buttons? I can pick some up at the JoAnn near me. I have a couple already, but I snipped the shanks off because I use them for something else. I'm pretty sure there were two sizes. Let me know!