Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Leaps and Bounds!

Wow! So I've been a little errant in my updating. I finished working on Friday with just enough time to pack up to travel to Madison. I thought I would blog when I got to the hotel that night but alas, my photos wouldn't upload on that connection. Had a whole day off today so I got a lot done from Friday and today.

With the exception of some finishing details the slops are DONE!

I made a chevroned codpiece to go with it that I'm quite pleased with. I modified a pattern from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion for it:

*Note: I removed the tassel. It was a fun idea but dare I say it, a little TOO much... it just stuck out like a -- well you know.

Friday I spent putting the slops together and today I finished them. Friday also saw me finishing the trim on the doublet and today I put the epaulettes and piccadils on and bagged out the doublet with the lining. So I have a nearly wearable doublet!
There are a whopping four layers in the doublet. There's the silk outer that was flatlined to a layer of canvas before the trim went on and there the cotton lining also flatlined to another layer of canvas which has boning channels. It's very stiff which is perfect! It's also very tight. I need to cut down the underarms just a bit and drape&make a collar. I started working buttonholes but those will be finished another night.  With my corset on underneath I was able to give it a trial put-on.
(That's my serious man-face lol!)

It's quite snug fitting that's absolutely necessary in the slops to ensure ease of movement. I can kneel, reverance, walk, kick. I forgot to try sitting but who needs to do that anyway, we're at court on progress here folks! No time to sit around lazy-like. No really though I'll have to go back and double check that, but I'm sure if I can do everything else I should manage a perch at the least.

So that's about where I'm at. Once the doublet is finished I still have sleeves and cape to tackle. So we've still got a ways to go but it sure feels good trying something on.

And because they're just too darn cute... here's some more Chewi and Kimora:

Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Looks great Sis, but I think I'm going to have to work with you on not just the man face, but on standing like a man... the ballet crossed legs just WON'T do.