Thursday, May 3, 2012

Machines, Equipment, and Tools, OH MY!

I've been flying, trying to clean the apartment, shopping for car insurance, fixing up and gathering up my grey dress, all while fighting a glorious (albeit losing) battle with a cold this week so I've only been able to get little bits done for Gresham.

The best news of recent: I managed to swing a whole Saturday and Sunday in May off to go play with my friends at The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, CA! I've been wanting to visit Bristol's cousin on the west coast for several years now and thanks to my new job I will finally get there! SoCal has a phenomenal Queen's Court that I've been itching to see for myself! First faire of the 2012 season, here I come! 

That's why I've been tending to Grey-clyffe!

And here's what I've done for Gresham: Tab making!

I know, exciting, right?

Yeah, so that's not so exciting and because I don't have anything new to show I thought I'd give y'all a run down of my weapons-- err, tools! Yeah, tools and equipment of choice.

In no particular order...

Serger: White Speedylock Differential 1600. Kind of a hand-me-down/my mom still reminds me it's hers. But it's been on loan to me for almost 4 years.. so yeah... she reads this blog sometimes so I'm gonna stick with it's my mom's! Never had any major problems, other than the usual maniacal, sadistic tension tendencies of all sergers.

 My Iron/Steamer of choice: Rowenta Pressure Iron and Steamer. Provides great steam and takes tap water, takes a little while to get heated up so turn it on before you start working and don't forget to switch it off at the end of the day!

Dressform: Uniquely You Dressform. Aka the "Squishy Form" This type of form is really good for corseting projects because, as you guessed, it squishes to whatever shape you need it to! I think the sizing goes a bit big so I'd suggest getting a smaller one than you think you need. You can always pad out areas to be larger. Unlike most other dress forms it also has a realistic bust happening... also may scare kids if you leave the cover off... Think DD Madonna...

My cutting table: Sew Essentials Cutting Table, found at Joanns, but I've glued down cork so I can lay out fabric and patterns and just push-pin them down! Also helps fabric from slipping off. Collapses down to get out of the way when needed (but seriously you never fold it down because it always ends up as the place you put down anything and everything so it becomes totally full of stuff... yeah, you know what I'm talking about..)

My brain center: A cork board for stabbing up renderings, receipts, random things, inspirations, etc. And a whiteboard for to-do lists, jotting down measurements, sketching out schematics, and posting rules that only you will see or care about (like no color-matching after 5pm because the lighting in the room is whack) or reminders like W.W.(Initials of your role model here).D.

Iron board, sleeve board, and point presser/clapper. (And a broom, absolute necessity). If you don't have a point presser/clapper, I highly recommend one. It's one of those tools that makes the difference between clean, crisp pressed seams and corners and fuzzy, lumpy, thick ones.

And of course everyone needs a fabric closet! With bins and a rack for maximum fabric and costume stowage.

The little things: Left to Right Top to Bottom: 6x24in clear ruler, 2x18 clear ruler, hem curve, armscye/hip curve, Fasturn Tube Turners, measuring tape, beeswax, jean-a-ma-jig, marking chalk, marking wax, measuring gauge, tracing wheel, chaco-liner marking chalk, rubber thimble (aka rubber page turners), pins and magnetic pin cushion, bodkins, razor blade seam ripper, seam ripper, embroidery snips, craft and paper scissors, pinking sheers, Ghinger dressmaker sheers, back-up sheers.

And of course last, and in no way least... The Pfaff Select 4.0 atop a sewing table that I believe used to be sold at Jo-ann for at least $100 bucks that I found at Goodwill for $13.

That's pretty much the most of it! I've had lots of success with these items and I hope you do to! The better and more the tools, the easier, and often faster, the work. Yay!

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  1. You didn't mention that fabulous spool rack that was made by a young craftsman whilst in high school, and handed down as an heirloom. What would you do without a spool rack of adequate specification?