Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oxford Complete!

Huzzah!!! The first project to be started since making this blog is now finished! With the completion of the sleeves and a hat I now have a full ensemble for the Earl of Oxford. Since I've talked through most of the details in previous posts there's really not much left to be said. The "Look" isn't quite complete because I don't have my wig or facial hair arrangements yet but here are some photos of me in the suit as is:

 "I'm a real boy!"
 Overcompensation in the realest sense

So There we have it! Soooo excited to have completed it, and on deadline too!

Next up will be new doublet and slops for my brother who plays Sir Robert Sidney. Fabrics and beginnings soon to follow!

Thanks for making the journey with me and all your comments and support!


  1. It's beautiful!!! If you are able to wear this to Bristol.. I am SO dancing with you :D
    Thanks for taking the time to show me how you did some of the construction. You've got an insane amount of talent girl... oh wait.. "boy" ;)

  2. Looking good. What are your plans for belt and hanger and rapier? You could borrow mine, as long as the loan is understood to be temporary and not permanent. Make some sketches and help me with finding or making the hardware to suit your requirements, and I'd be happy to construct a hanger to suit you. (Pun intended.)