Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Progress! Earl of Oxford Piccadils!

Good news (for me really, I don't know about anyone else)! I did start WORKing on Oxford, not just staring at it. I'm a little budget tight right now so I have to wait to get some of the materials for the doublet, mostly interfacing and sundries, but I have started to make the piccadils. I know, it's a small victory, but starting is always my biggest hurdle. There's a quote about running that I think often applies to projects like this: It's not about having the strength to finish, it's about having the courage to start. So I have begun and finishing is just a matter of time! 
The piccadils are about 1.75in wide and will be about 1.5in long, once inserted into the seam. I'm using the black striped fabric, lined with green silk on the underside, and piped with the gold twist cord that will be used on the doublet main.

There's a super close-up to show you the detail on the black striped fabric. It has wonderful texture! Hopefully I won't make the doublet and decide I want the piccadils to be different... so far I like them and it's something to work on while I'm waiting for the funds to do everything else...

Until next time! Thanks for visiting!

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