Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Leicester Suit Finished and in Action!

It was requested that I save this post until after the opening weekend and debut of the suit at the Original Renaissance Faire. This upcoming will be the 3rd weekend of 7 so there are many days for you to go see the show and the suit for yourself, however there are some great photos from the first two weekends I can't help but share and close the Leicester chapter on this blog.

The finished product before leaving my studio

And here are some great performance shots!

Like KenPhotology for this great shot!

Clarence Alford is the fantastic photographer on this one.

LOVE how the colors translate in B&W on this one. Thanks again to KenPhotology for this one.

I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out and Clayton is doing it much justice in the performance. 

I've got some more projects on the table for Bristol friends that I'll try to post on here as I go. 


  1. Yummy suit, and, if I may, yummy actor wearing it. That little hair curl is ridiculous and amazing and just THE BEST.