Thursday, January 10, 2013

Leicester Progress

Hey all!

Happy New Year and I hope everyone had safe and happy holidays. I've been working on the Earl suit in between holidays and flying and making good progress in just the last couple weeks.

Slops are nearly completed, excepting closures


 Don't hate me but I built the inner-lining out of a pair of mens briefs. It's the perfect shape, maximum flexibility with near-zero chance of seam blow-out (and trust me, if you know my client you know why this is nothing short of necessary. YOU KNOW WHY!!) It was a conundrum of Phabric Fysics to line up the front seam of the bronze slop lining with the brief structure but I did it dammit!

Narrow-banded legs holes will ride juuuuust under the gluteus maximus for full shorty-slop effect.

 Avec waistband:

Equipped with stealth-pockets!

The lining of the pocket pulled out to reveal super secret zipper in seam of said pocket allowing access to the dark lair of betwixt-lining-and-inner-lining where stuffing/netting/filling/secret-documents resides.

This photo was meant to show said access to filling (in this case a bias-folded length of muslin designed to give weight and shape to the slops) but my camera freaked out I guess and melded one with-flash image with one without-flash image for this frankenphoto...

Ok enough sloppage...

Work has commenced on the doublet!

Flatlined to lightweight canvas

Vertical stripeage on the back...

And everyone's favorite: the Chevron effect on the front!

Adding a touch of texture to the fabric with this teeny gold cord here...

It's hard to see but I tried to get a close up of the fabric with one of the stripes picked out with the gold(left) and one without (right). 

 Then we add a dash of a slightly bigger gold cord on the edges just on the three central stripes on either side.

Next I'll work on epaulettes, skirting, and collar before putting the doublet all together. Then sleeves. Then hat. And maybe a surprise accessory...

That's all for now!


  1. This is looking fantastic, Kat!!!! You should tell Clayton about an awesome Dudley blog I found. It's so fun!

  2. These are looking awesome! That bronze fabric is just delicious. Seriously, I want to lick it. I won't, because that would be weird, but. Just. OM NOM NOM.