Friday, March 2, 2012

New Segment! If You Find Yourself In: Berkeley/Oakland

Welcome back folks! The reason I haven't been blogging much recently is because I've become a flight attendant and I'm still getting my living situation worked out, leaving not much time for working on projects. The flip-side is that I'm getting to travel a lot and I'm finding great places to go fabric shopping.  Want to shop there too? Arn't you sick of Joann fabrics already? Wonder why you can't seem to find those great unique fabrics? Well I want to share my discoveries with you so check in here as I update a new segment called "If You Find Yourself In:"

Today I found myself in Oakland/Berkeley, CA
If you live in the area or find yourself there for any reason be sure to check out:

Discount Fabrics
locations in Berkeley and San Francisco 
Highlights: Great selection, further discounts when purchasing whole bolt, monthly specials, 10% student discount
Special note: If you do a google maps search to get to the Berkeley location be sure you enter 3006 San Pablo Ave, BERKELEY NOT OAKLAND. Same address verrrrrrry different neighborhood. There's one cause for an "avoid ghetto" option on google maps. 

Look for these pieces I got to show up in future projects! 

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  1. I LOVE this new segment, Kat you are so chic.